New jellyfish exhibit to open in 2024 at SeaWorld San Diego

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SeaWorld San Diego held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new animal exhibit, “Jewels of the Sea: A Jellyfish Experience,” on Friday, Nov. 3, coinciding with National Jellyfish Day. His new exhibit is scheduled to open in spring 2024 and will feature different types of jellyfish in three different galleries, along with educational graphics.

On the day of the groundbreaking ceremony, some of the concept art for the gallery was displayed. In the first gallery, visitors will immediately encounter several species of jellyfish and their unique habitats, including the upside-down jellyfish, sea nettles, and moon jellyfish. Upon entering the second gallery, visitors will be surrounded by the iconic arch of moon jellyfish. At the same time, SeaWorld will display his 18-foot cylinder, the largest in the country.

In the final gallery, visitors encounter over 10 different jellyfish habitats using immersive media. Educational opportunities will also be provided to learn about the environmental dangers of ocean plastic.

Next year, SeaWorld San Diego will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

“Holding the jellyfish exhibition is just one of the many ways we are celebrating our 60th next year’s anniversary. We are planning incredible, ongoing celebrations throughout next year,” said Jim Lake, Park President, SeaWorld San Diego.

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Children experience interacting with moon jellyfish during a laboratory tour at an aquarium. It is scheduled to be incorporated into the actual exhibition from next year.Photo provided by: Kyungmin Min

After the ceremony, a tour of the aquarium laboratory was held. Participants learned about jellyfish and had the opportunity to touch them. Children invited to the event asked curators questions about moon jellyfish, including whether they sting, whether they have eyes, and what kind of food they eat. One child exclaimed, “It’s melty!” After touching a moon jellyfish.

The new exhibit will give visitors the chance to touch jellyfish as part of an upgraded tour that takes them behind the scenes at SeaWorld’s breeding of jellyfish.

In addition to providing thrilling theme park experiences, SeaWorld also strives to provide educational lessons essential to ocean conservation.

“We introduce several fascinating and unique animals, how they play in their ecosystems, and an educational guide to how they can help you learn about ocean health. We are very excited to be able to offer a new animal experience that brings a new dimension to the world,” said Daniel Castillo. Aquarium curator.

The education part is especially important for the next generation. Castillo and Surfrider San Diego County volunteer Mark O’Connor emphasize the importance of encouraging children to use reusable items and reduce plastic waste.

“I am excited to share educational opportunities with children and help them move forward and make a difference in their environments,” Castillo said.

The Jellyfish Experience will be the park’s newest immersive and interactive aquarium, offering exclusive galleries and media. SeaWorld Pass members will receive a preview of new exhibits before they are opened to all guests. For more information, parking hours and to purchase tickets, please visit: seaworld san diego.

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