Jellyfish-Shaped UFO Displays Transmedium Capability

Jellyfish-shaped UFOs have taken the internet by storm in recent weeks. Therefore, the US Department of Defense was forced to comment on this issue. Reportedly obtained through a leak at the Pentagon, a Pentagon statement acknowledged the existence of the video but did not reveal more, citing the sensitive nature of the topic.

In a statement obtained by news nationPentagon spokeswoman Sue Goff said the Pentagon “does not comment on the authenticity of any DoD materials that may have been leaked.”

Goff went on to add that the Department of Defense continues to take UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) sightings (a new government term for UFOs/Unidentified Flying Objects) seriously.

“The Department of Defense takes the public’s concerns about unidentified anomalous phenomena seriously and is committed to openness and accountability to the American public,” the statement continued. “This effort must be balanced with the department’s obligation to protect confidential information, sources, and methods.”

The “jellyfish UFO” in question can be seen in footage purported to be surveillance footage from the US Joint Operating Base in Iraq, and was first shared online by ufologist Jeremy Covell.

Earlier this month, Kobel shared on Instagram, “Today we are releasing the complete footage captured by the military of the UAP incursion into the US Joint Operating Base.” “This UAP of unknown origin exhibited supermedia capabilities and was officially designated as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) by the U.S. intelligence community. This designation remains in place today.”

The “medium transmission ability” Kobel referred to occurs when the aircraft, which is initially flying, appears to be submerged under water later in the video.

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