Jellyfish Announces Free Developer Experience Product to Build Healthier Teams

Free tools that enhance the engineering perspective, allowing leaders to easily diagnose needs and influence more effectively than ever before.

boston, February 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — jellyfisha leading engineering management platform, today announced Beta waiting list For free Developer Experience products, jellyfish developerfurther enhances the perspective of engineers, enabling leaders to easily diagnose needs and drive impact more effectively than ever before.

“Today’s development teams are in a tough spot, given new AI tools and told to move faster in the face of unclear requirements, opaque release pipelines, and everything in between.” he said. Glen Burnett, Head of Strategic Initiatives at Jellyfish. “We can’t measure everything about how a developer’s day goes wrong, but by giving them a voice, we can learn about those frustrations. That’s why we developed is. jellyfish developer

jellyfish developer We help engineering organizations uncover the most challenging aspects of their engineering teams’ workflows and work lives so they can implement process, tool, and team improvements. Combined with Jellyfish’s core EMP, leaders gain a more comprehensive organizational view and can turn feedback into improvements with tools to align, measure, budget, and execute DevEx initiatives. can.

  • Get the answers leaders need: Choose from industry-leading surveys that get to the root of engineers’ views on satisfaction, process, and tool effectiveness.
  • Easily discover your influencers: Easily understand qualitative signals by segmenting results across team, location, focus, and tenure.
  • Improve with practical suggestions. In-app suggestions explaining the meaning behind the score and possible actions to improve recognition and drive results.

It’s about leaders understanding what they can do to drive happy, productive teams and ensuring that the investments they make in doing so have real impact. Are developers happy or stuck? Do they have clear direction, effective tools and environments, and the support they need to get the job done? ?

“We are excited to take the next step in connecting quantitative and qualitative data, which engineering leaders have traditionally struggled to balance and maintain,” he said. Andrew Lau, CEO of Jellyfish. “As engineering leaders, we need to zoom out and look at how our teams are performing within the context of our organizations and markets. The most effective teams are the ones that do the right job, We are a team that improves our daily operations to drive our business forward.”

Incorporate qualitative signals from jellyfish developer This is an exciting addition to Jellyfish’s EMP that takes EMP beyond measurement to a deeper understanding of what’s happening within your organization. These innovations continue to advance his Jellyfish mission to solve the complex challenges that engineering organizations continue to face. jellyfish developer Empower engineering leaders with the tools to ensure alignment across all teams to build efficiently and impact your business.

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Jellyfish is the leading engineering management platform that enables leaders to align engineering work with strategic business goals. Jellyfish provides complete visibility into engineering organizations, their work, and how they operate by analyzing engineering signals and contextual business data. Companies like Mastercard, Priceline, and PagerDuty use Jellyfish to optimize engineering resource allocation and keep teams focused on what matters most to their business. For more information, please visit:

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