Huge jellyfish seen off Israel’s coast

The most common jellyfish species, the wandering filament jellyfish, is confusing. Huge numbers of submerged invertebrates have been identified off the coast of Israel, although they usually arrive in these waters during the summer bathing system.

Last summer and fall, there were very few jellyfish on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. “In recent years, it has become a regular event for these jellyfish to spawn in large numbers in the winter, but the size of this year’s jellyfish is clearly abnormal.The summer continues without jellyfish, and in the winter, huge jellyfish form large swarms. Therefore, we expect jellyfish to be relatively abundant next summer,” said Dr. Dor Edelist, a marine biologist at the Amber Lab at the University of Haifa.

A marine biologist talks about this phenomenon

Mr. Edelist and Professor Dr. Angel, one of the founders of the “Jellyfish among the People” website (, said there are several possible explanations for the giant jellyfish phenomenon. I did. The main one is that the amazing amount of rainfall in February brought a lot of fertilizer to the ocean. The result was algae, which led to zooplankton that fed on it, and finally jellyfish that fed on it.

On July 25, 2022, large numbers of jellyfish can be seen around a boat near the coast of Haifa in the Mediterranean Sea, Israel. (Credit: NIR ELIAS/REUTERS)

“The last time we had something like this – a summer without jellyfish followed by a large winter swarm – was in 2016/17. We then saw heavy swarms in the summer of 2017, so we And we are waiting to see what happens in July,” Ederist concluded.

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