Anime Boston 2024: Jellyfish Can’t Swim at Night Anime Premiere

Comparison with when the new series was first released anime bostonpast, first two episodes Jellyfish can’t swim at night It arrived with relatively little fanfare. Afterwards, there were no special presents or special guests to talk about the show. Instead of a large, blaring event room, the speakers were weak and (for half of the first episode) it was shown in a small video room with an open window. However, it is possible to watch this original series even under these less than ideal viewing conditions. Doga Kobo A clear highlight of the first day anime boston 2024.


Jellyfish can’t swim at night evoke aspects of Doga Kobobreak hit Oshi no Ko It is characterized by its focus on young artists who are leading the entertainment industry and the high quality of its animation. Other series that come to mind while watching it are: a place further than the universewith a “get the gang together” plot and a more ambitious take on the “cute girls doing cute things” genre. jellyfish princesswith special interest, whose protagonist focuses her artistic energies.

At the beginning of the first episode, Mahiru Kozuki abandons her passion for painting jellyfish after the other girls mock a street art mural based on one of her concepts. Kano Yamauchi, a former idol singer and Yankee tough girl who quit her job due to cyber bullying, loves jellyfish as much as Yoru, and her dream is to sing in front of Mahiro’s mural. As their paths cross with some amusing awkwardness, the two girls bond over their passion and decide to form a new art group called JELEE.

The second episode introduces JELEE’s third member, May “Kim Anouk” Takanashi, a pianist who is obsessed with Kano’s former idol persona (a fourth V-Tuber member makes a brief appearance here) But perhaps the group will be properly introduced in the next episode). . A socially inept fan, she has a bit of a hard time accepting that Kano doesn’t want to be “Tachibana Nonoka” anymore, but Kano doesn’t know how much influence she has on Mei’s life. As they get to know each other, their one-sided attachment begins to blossom into a mutual friendship – their first friendship. Mei has experienced this before. Just like jellyfish need sunlight to swim, these girls need each other to pursue their dreams.

So I’m sure this is a yuri series, but who knows how many plausible deniability will be pushed into it by the end of the series. As far as I’m concerned, all of these girls are in love with each other, and no amount of lame “faggot” developments will change that. These opening episodes are a series of awkward yet hilarious “meet cute” moments, and I can’t wait to see how these relationships develop from here.

One of my important criticisms is that Jellyfish can’t swim at night is one of the animes that many people of my generation often watch. If the characters were adults, I would be even more into it. Not only is it noticeable; fan service The shots in the first episode weren’t all that awkward, but the characters’ struggles feel more relatable when viewed from the perspective of a quarter-life crisis than one from high school. Many adults feel anxious about giving up on the dreams they pursued in high school or college, but how many high school students feel this way about the dreams they had in middle school? It makes me sad to think about it. .

Then again, that sadness can be a real concern for those who experienced viral fame at a young age, and certainly the show’s message of overcoming feelings of “fucked up” is that 10 Worthwhile for teenage viewers (again, it would work well for adults as well). So let’s see where this original story goes from this interesting beginning.

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