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Malaga’s regional council is investigating the use of artificial intelligence to alert beachgoers in Andalusia to the presence of jellyfish and invasive algae.

Under the name Oceania – Andalusia, the project will integrate “science, sports and tourism”, the common denominator being AI, which will be the app and website. The app aims to take preventive measures to improve the environmental quality of more than 800 beaches along almost 1,000 kilometers of Andalucía’s coastline.

Once comprehensive data is collected, AI algorithms will be developed to display information about the presence of these species and other ocean phenomena. “This will allow us to know about the invasion of these species five days in advance and to work on prevention,” said Francisco Franco Duro, head of coastal science at the University of Málaga. .

The website and application are expected to take just over a year to develop and by summer 2025 will have miles of coastline available for surfing, sunbathing, and enjoying a day at the beach with the family. No more moving. good conditions. This app leverages AI to provide all the data upfront.

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