Venezuelan fisherman: Invasive jellyfish bloom “like flowers in the sea”

Shell jellyfish have invaded the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela. Recent outbreaks are causing major concern for the seafood industry, which fishes in these waters. Analysts report that the region’s current catch is at its lowest level in years.

One fisherman said he had never seen a phenomenon like this before, describing it as “like a flower in the sea.”

The shell jellyfish, an invasive species, is filling the nets of fishermen instead of their usual catch. Fishermen reported running out of sardines and other bait.

Fishermen used to bring in about 11,000 pounds of fish a week, but now that’s down to just 2,000 pounds. Researchers fear this could happen around the world due to climate change and rising water temperatures.


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Another HPAI case in poultry and dairy cattle worries Michigan producers, as well as updates on Kansas wildfires and other major local news stories from last week.

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