Dave the Diver: Best dishes to serve during the Jellyfish event

Events are held regularly Dave the diver, When you go through a themed orientation at a sushi restaurant, the first thing you’ll encounter is a jellyfish event. And we will tell you the best dishes we have to offer.

Events at dave the diver It encourages players to create theme-focused menus and can be a great way to increase your income, especially if you’re a beginner.

Any jellyfish dish can be served. dave the diver On the night of the event, however, some are much better than others. If you want to know the best dishes, keep reading.

Best Jellyfish Party Food in dave the diver

Dave the Diver's Comb Jellyfish Marinca card.
It sways to and fro. Screenshot by Dot Esports

We’ve outlined the best jellyfish dishes dave the diver The basic price and required materials are listed below. Don’t forget to enhance your dishes and increase the money you sell.

of The best jellyfish dish is the phantom jellyfish jelly. However, you need to defeat the boss to get the meat. Similarly, Seasoned jellyfish is also a good option, but requires garlic and black coral.

In the early stages Dave the diver, Stick to simple recipes that only require jellyfish. Be sure to enhance it to maximize value. Otherwise it’s a waste.

name price (base) material
phantom jellyfish jelly 700 1x Mysterious Jellyfish Meat
3x agar
3 buck beans
seasoned jellyfish 400 5x barrel jellyfish
Fried egg jellyfish 5x
2 garlic cloves
Black coral x2
sea ​​grape jellyfish sushi 225 1x sea grapes
1x white spotted jellyfish
1x salt
Box jellyfish sushi 55 1x box jellyfish
bloody belly kushi jelly sushi 50 1x Bradbury Comb Jellyfish
Kushi jelly sushi 45 1x Comb Jelly
Jellyfish sushi with white spots 18 1x white spotted jellyfish
Barrel jellyfish sushi 15 1x barrel jellyfish
fried egg jellyfish sushi 15 1 fried jellyfish

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