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An image of a jellyfish. Credit: Leonyl-berlin/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

Thousands of small aquatic jellyfish, the Velera, were washed ashore by strong winds and flooded the coast of Levante Almeriense.

The phenomenon occurred on Tuesday, April 23, when locals in Vera Playa were stunned when they discovered a large number of blue jellyfish sprawled on the sand. One concerned resident wrote on social media: “We alerted the Guardia Civil and then dialed 112 in case any leak could have caused this. Did you know there is a possibility?”

Despite concerns, these incidents are not due to pollution but to the effects of global warming, which affects the distribution of these organisms. Large numbers of jellyfish, which are known to be carried by the wind because they lack self-propulsion, are becoming more frequent around the world.

Interestingly, although its striking blue color may resemble the dangerous “Portuguese war”, the “wrasse” jellyfish is harmless. The toxin does not affect human skin, but care should be taken if it comes into contact with eyes or open wounds.

Unlike true jellyfish, wrasse belong to the hydrozoan family and are characterized by a sail-like structure that uses wind to propel them across the ocean surface.

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