Shandong Lighthouse Jellyfish seeks to build market for frozen oysters in EU

Chinese oyster producer Shandong Lighthouse Jellyfish Marine Technology Co., Ltd. aims to build a frozen oyster market within the European Union.

Wang Lingling, director of the company, said the company plans to introduce its liquid nitrogen-frozen fresh oyster meat and half-shell oysters to distributors in Europe.

“It’s thawed and ready to use, making meal preparation more efficient,” Wang told Seafood Source. “There is almost no difference compared to raw oysters.”

According to Wang, the liquid nitrogen treatment extends the shelf life of oysters for more than a year.

“It maintains the same texture, flavor and nutritional value as when it was fresh,” he said.

use name Turritopsis nutricula The company says in its English marketing that it now meets “the EU’s most stringent hygiene requirements.”

2020 Shandong Lighthouse Jellyfish Received the Encouragement Award from the Aquaculture Management Council., The company recognized it as one of three aquaculture companies in China that play a “special role and contribution in responsible aquaculture.” In 2022, ASC awarded the company the Excellence Partner Award in China’s online seafood market for its oysters becoming the “Top Value Brand” in China’s online market. The company is tapping China’s premium oyster market, competing with local production and imports from France, New Zealand and the United States.

The company’s video explains how its oysters go through a two-year growing process on a 12,000-acre “ecological” breeding site off the coast of Lushan near Qingdao in Shandong province. After the oysters are manually cracked by an “axe gang” of female workers, they are transported to the company’s factory for a highly automated cleaning process, which the company says is the first of its kind in China. The video explains that Milk Mountain has unique geographical characteristics that help produce high-quality oysters.

“Good water makes good oysters,” says the narrator.

Oysters from Lushan are now available at most high-end retailers in Beijing and are much cheaper than imported oysters. The Beijing branch of the 7Xian chain, run by e-commerce giant, sells cold mountain oysters weighing 130 to 230 grams for 5.50 yuan (US$0.77, euro 0.71). The store was one of hundreds of high-end stores nationwide operated by, and no other oysters were sold there. By the way, French oysters can sell for up to 100 yuan (US$14, €13) each in local restaurants and are not usually sold retail.

“Compared with oysters from other regions in China, Jinshan oysters have certain quality advantages,” Hou Bin, CEO of Shandong Lighthouse Jellyfish, told Seafood Source in 2021. Told. “We are also constantly promoting the development of Jinshan oysters for the premium oyster market through various improvements.” This is why Lushan oysters are superior to oysters from other regions of China. Although it is expensive, there is still a certain difference compared to French oysters such as Girardeau. ”

The rise of Rushan oysters through 7 Fresh and could actually help as well by broadening imports.

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