How To Style This New Take On The Trendy Cut

What do you get when you combine two of this year’s biggest hair trends? Of course you get the jellyfish bob. Combining 2024’s mainstream bob movement with an edgy jellyfish hairstyle, this cut will definitely intrigue fans from both camps. A professional stylist will show you how to tailor a jellyfish bob to suit you.

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What is Jellyfish Bob?

“The jellyfish bob is an innovative and eye-catching hairstyle that features a double-layered cut,” explains Jason Crozier, Art Director at Neville Hair & Beauty. The top layer is a blunt bob, while the bottom layer is longer and textured. This cut embraces bold contrasts and an edgy aesthetic that sets it apart from more traditional styles. ”

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This trend follows in the footsteps of its long-haired predecessor, the jellyfish haircut, but as Jason mentioned, this time there’s more of an emphasis on the bob element of the cut. “This version of the hairstyle stands out for its unique layers and volume, giving a modern twist to the classic bob,” he added. “It’s more than just a haircut. It’s a personal statement that reflects a blend of sophistication and rebellion.”

And with posts tagged #jellyfishbob on TikTok racking up nearly 80 million views, it’s clear this is a hair trend that’s only going to accelerate throughout 2024. It ignores traditional style norms,” Jason emphasizes. “Its striking look and the confidence it projects make it a popular choice among those looking for a bold fashion statement.”

Who suits this hairstyle?

As you may have noticed, the jellyfish bob is different from other haircuts. Anyone can try it out, but Jason said several features make this style easier to support. “While the jellyfish bob is versatile, it looks especially good on oval and long face shapes, and is perfect for straight to wavy textures,” he says. “These textures help emphasize the structured layers of the cut and make it more distinctive.”

How to ask for a jellyfish bob at the salon (and what to expect)

It’s important to do your research before booking your hair style. Decide which style you want to try and collate several images to show your stylist. “Clear communication is key when ordering a Jellyfish Bob,” Jason emphasizes. ‘Prepare your image and specify the amount of layer contrast you are comfortable with. Discussing your daily routine can also help you adjust your style to suit your lifestyle. ”

Then, once you sit in the chair, your stylist gets to work creating those all-important layers. “Creating this cut involves precise cutting and texturing to achieve the signature jellyfish effect,” explains Jason. “The goal is for the top and bottom layers to blend seamlessly and clearly to achieve the desired contrast.”

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How to style a jellyfish bob

High-impact haircuts like this can be a little more difficult to style, as they can require more maintenance than a typical bob, but experimenting with styles will help you find what works for you. This is the key. “We recommend using a combination of lightweight products to keep your layers defined without weighing you down,” suggests Jason. “Depending on your personal style and occasion, you can experiment with different textures, such as smooth and sleek, or tousled and wavy.”

How to maintain jellyfish bob

Again, the jellyfish bob may require a little more maintenance due to its unique shape. “Regular salon visits are important to maintain the integrity of your cut,” Jason emphasizes. “Investing in quality hair care products will also help keep your hair healthy and your style sharp and sophisticated.”

What will this hairstyle look like in the future?

This is an evolution of the long jellyfish haircut, so we can expect to see many new versions of this hairstyle in the future. “We’re seeing his bob adapted into more personalized versions, incorporating different lengths and playful colors to suit individual and seasonal styles,” muses Jason. “This trend has room to grow and evolve, reflecting broader changes in fashion and personal expression.”

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Featured image: Zachary Spears, Unsplash

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